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The City of Edinburgh Music School is a national specialist music school based across Broughton High School and Flora Stevenson Primary School. The music school enables talented young musicians to continue their general education whilst receiving expert tuition with the best music teaching professionals. Their timetable is flexible with additional time given over to music study.

The School was established as a centre of excellence combining high quality educational opportunities with the best possible intensive musical tuition. The Music School caters for young, aspiring and talented musicians of all music genres and encourages pupils to develop a broad range of musical skills based around performance. The City of Edinburgh Music School provides tuition, advice, coaching and guidance for solo, choral, chamber, jazz, rock, orchestral and Scottish traditional work. All pupils are expected to participate in the City of Edinburgh central orchestras and ensembles where they rehearse and perform with a large number of pupils from schools across the city.

The Music School’s bespoke facilities include practice rooms, ensemble rooms, recording facilities and performance spaces. It is the only Steinway music school of its kind in the UK. Pupils regularly attend masterclasses with visiting professional musicians and have opportunities to play and perform in public. The music school develops excellent musicians who are also successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

We are committed to ongoing support for the school and give as much encouragement as possible to staff and pupils. We are committed to getting it right for gifted and talented pupils locally and nationally, enabling them to flourish in an environment that nurtures their potential. The increasing number of public performances never fails to win admiration for the pupils’ professionalism and exceptionally high standards.

The City of Edinburgh Council is proud to have within Children and Families, an educational establishment of growing national and international repute.


Gillian Tee

Director of Children and Families